Providing an accurate and a constant-flow of data in real time about how the athlete performs the physical activity and in return, improving his performance through a smart analysis of the information at individual and collective level.
Cinematic variables such as acceleration, speed, crossed distance or physiological ones such as heart rate, impacts, among others; and tactical variables are collected by WIMU sensors and then displayed by Qüiko and Wisee, the software provided with the device.
Physical trainers, coaches, therapists, doctors, biomechanics, researches, etc., they all want to optimize the daily training by improving the performance. A clear competitive advantage: being able to acquire fundamental information to gain the best results in competitions. Wimu also helps to control and monitor physical activity in order to improve people’s health-life quality.
Wimu, Qüiko and Wisee software monitor how the athlete performs any kind of physical activity. In return, Wimu, Qüiko and Wisee help improving his performance thanks to the smart analysis of information at individual and collective level.
The system provides accurate and continuous information in real time. It analysis tactical, kinematic and physiological variables; such as acceleration, speed, distance, heart rate, RR and many more. They all are collected by Wimu and displayed by Qüiko in very rich a detail-focused way. Information does not fall short, and can be use by any professional, in any sport, by researchers, with other technical equipment, by medical staff and physiotherapists, in rehabilitation, at High Performance Centres, coaches, teams and athletes federations.
Wimu is highly focused on High Performance Sports for activity monitoring and research.
Wimu is a smart device, designed to give you total and professional control over your workouts. It has a friendly user "push and record" technology and it also collects data from external devices, giving you the richest information possible.
Sport Science
Health Care
Training & Simulation
Engineering & Robotics Science
Biomechanical Science
Qüiko can synchronize the session with video file automatically using a very easy method, especially created for our system. Qüiko allows multi video streaming and has it own tool for video edition: cut video files and add them into a session. Use the powerful GIS (Geographical Information System) of Qüiko and create different layers of data for a deeply analysis. Select the information you want, establish relations between them; add the information from the sensors channels; establish space relations in the field and combine data from multiple sessions and Wimus, cut files in the GIS and video with our tool that can search the system. The information can be export in xls or raw format.
Qüiko is the software that processes all this data in real time or logged. It has smart application inside, called monitors that elaborate Raw data, or you can also work directly with the Raw data.
Directly from Wimu's sensors, powerfull tool, to work accordance with the user needs analysis.
Using Virtual Sensors for other sensors and combinations of them.
And with Monitors (smart applications/plug-in inside Qüiko) that provide elaborate information for a better rapid feedback and elaborate Raw Data.
You could generate your own monitor, we proportionate you our API.
Qüiko performs an analysis adapted to each user, with automatic analysis, like jumps, patterns recognition, comparations, cicle exercises, at the gym, tactical, team sport and many more.
Qüiko is a horizontal tool that offers possibility to process and analyze the different sensors from several Wimu devices and any other sensors you could connect (using ANT+ technology)... Multidevice and HUB!
Now more information for
with Moxy Muscle Oxygen Monitor.
Wimu acts as an ANT+ to Wi-Fi hub; which allows it to collect data as Muscle Oxygen and Heart Rate from wareables ANT+ sensors. Wimu sends all collected data Qüiko (by Wi-Fi). Quiko synchronizes all the data with the rest of Wimu's sensors and the videos.
Moxy measures muscle oxygenation levels in muscle tissue. This is the perfect complement for any type of analysis and sport where you want to collect all the data from wimu plus the Muscle Oxygen information at the same time.
The Scientific
Explanation Behind Moxy

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What is Moxy?
Moxy is a small, wearable sensor that utilizes infrared light to continuously monitor oxygen saturation (SmO₂) levels in the muscles of athletes while they exercise. It is designed to measure the percentage of haemoglobin that is carrying oxygen in muscle tissue. the percentage of hemoglobin-and-myoglobin-carrying oxygen in the capillaries and cells of muscle tissue, where oxygen is consumed to produce energy. The accurate, real time measurements produced by Moxy are fundamental to improving athletic performance. Oxygen is the fuel that drives the muscle, and Muscle Oxygen levels are constantly changing.

Moxy is used to assess athletes, guide their training, and hone their performance during competition. It helps identify optimal training intensity zones and provides feedback on the physiologic systems limiting performance. Moxy is easy to use, mobile and non-invasive, making it widely applicable to athletes and trainers of every calling- from endurance sports like cycling and swimming to team sports like football and volleyball and individual sports like strength training.
Realtrack Systems Moxy Distributor Official Exclusive for Spain and Portugal
Wisee is a workout monitoring software for WIMU. It shows the most relevant data from WIMU in a friendly user way and in real time. Each user data is displayed in real time using a simple and an intuitive grid.
Now, in addition to the visualization and analysis with Qüiko, Wimu's data can be shown with this new tool RealTrack Systems brings you.
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Wimu device and Qüiko software monitories the athlete performs physical activity in return improving the performance of the athlete through smart information analysis at the individual and collective level.

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