LaLiga & WIMU Pro, new strategic alliance

RealTrack Systems  becomes a technological partner of  LaLiga thanks to a collaboration agreement that provides all clubs in LaLiga Santander and LaLiga 1 | 2 | 3 with new performance reports, complementary to those delivered by Mediacoach.

The signed agreement between RealTrack Systems and LaLiga, in collaboration with Mediacoach, offers to all clubs in both categories new reports including novel features that enable the analysis of a great number of variables in relation with players’ accelerations and decelerations values. This is possible thanks to the algorithms and measurements that RealTrack Systems carries out within the systems WIMU Pro. In addition, statistical reports will be generated from the players’ physical performance data gathered during the week of competition.

Among the new possible analysis in reports, valuable and useful data can be highlighted such as: HMLD (high metabolic load distance), KHIA (kinematic high intensity actions), HSRD (high speed running distance), HIBD (high intensity braking distance), high and medium intensity accelerations/decelerations and explosive distance among others.

This alliance between RealTrack Systems y LaLiga support the leadership of both in the monetarization of physical performance in the world of sports.




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