Inquisitive, visionary, passionate, talented and perseverant – individual aptitudes, all necessary to succeed in any chosen professional walk of life.

What if you are a Team of Four, from different backgrounds and specialist knowledge, but all with identical centric values? Coming together with a single objective, to join forces and innovate within a chosen field?
This is the origin of Realtrack Systems.
A simple question in a conversation amongst friends, but with a common thread of solving problems and delivering innovation together as business partners.
“What happens if we use individual tracking technology in a live football game?” the question posed by Jose Pino Ortega in 2004 whilst completing his Doctoral thesis in Physical Activity and Sports Science. The tracking system is a new software development created for use with mobile phone giant Nokia by Isabel Perez and Carlos Padilla but nobody could foresee the results of a first experiment of footballers playing with huge “brick” mobile phones from the time attached to their bodies!
So uniting the professional path of a Sports Science Professor, an Industrial Engineer, a Business Economist and a Software Engineer Jose Perez who joined the starting line-up to complete this multi-disciplined business creation with a single mission:
Develop technology and applications in the surveillance and monitoring of sports activities that are safe, relevant and innovative.
Realtrack Systems maintains this core mission today, together with ethical principles communicated throughout the entire business and to our partners since the formal creation of the company in 2008. The clear focus on attracting and retaining the human capital necessary, fostering a creative and open culture of the team, bringing together a collaboration which delivers considerable added value to the day to day development and collaboration with our current and future clients.
Today Realtrack Systems has a global footprint from our offices in Andalucia, Spain and is proud to partner with the world`s leading sporting organizations and federations in football (soccer), basketball, handball, hockey, cricket… in addition to collaborations with leading centers of sporting and performance excellence, sports science and medical research institutions and supporting research in player injury and recovery specialism’s.
Realtrack Systems is dedicated to developing and delivering world class technology in sports with the same dedication and commitment as the players and coaches who use our systems, this is an integral part of our corporate DNA.

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